Kind not so Wunderful

William Somerindyke Jr. and Jason Osborne, the 20-something entrepreneurs spearheading Norfolk’s run at landing the Montreal Expos, have embellished their work histories, according to an investigation by the Virginian-Pilot. The pair claimed to be officers of an investment banking firm, but beyond brief stints as brokers at Merrill Lynch, there’s little evidence they ever worked in investment banking. Meanwhile, Summit Broadcasting and, the companies they supposedly run, are apparently not in operation. (Summit was “folded into” another firm, says Somerindyke, that currently boasts a whopping three employees.)

Combined with the pair’s persistent reluctance to reveal the big-money investors they say are behind Norfolk’s Expos bid, it raises the question of whether these guys are trying to become the John Spano of the 21st-century. “I have a passion for baseball to the point where people think IÌm crazy,” Somerindyke told the Virginian-Pilot. You got that half-right, William.

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