Ward 7 residents: Schools, not stadiums

D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams attended a community meeting in Southeast D.C.’s Ward 7 last night, and was met by a barrage of questions about why he plans to build a $440 million Expos baseball stadium instead of putting the money into the city’s schools and hospitals. As the Washington Post tells the story:

“I’m concerned that you’re fighting for baseball and we do not have a public hospital” east of the Anacostia River, Jauhar Abraham, 36, who volunteers at social service centers, told Williams (D). “People are getting stabbed and shot, and they have to go wait in an ambulance at George Washington Hospital or in Prince George’s County. I’m concerned with the priorities. I’m not opposed to baseball, but I want to hear you talk about that, sir.”

Williams replied that the government is negotiating with Howard University to build a hospital on the campus of D.C. General, which was closed in 2001.

“Can we get that first?” someone in the crowd shouted, as an organizer called an end to the meeting.

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