Royals set their price

The Kansas City Royals have finally joined the Chiefs in putting a dollar figure on their renovation demands for Kauffman Stadium: $200 million, payable by the taxpayers of Jackson County. A 0.25%-to-0.375% sales-tax hike is considered the most likely scenario – I guess Carl Pohlad isn’t the only one who didn’t get the memo – with the team signing a lease extension in advance of a public referendum next April or November. It’s still unclear, writes the Kansas City Star, “what would happen if the teams agree to new leases but Jackson County voters reject the tax and the county doesnÌt have the money for the maintenance projects due next year.”

One comment on “Royals set their price

  1. The Chiefs and Royals have now presented the same plans that were defeated in the Bi-State II election in November 2004. They now expect Jackson County the poorest county in the region to subsidize the rich counties and teams. Although Bi-State passed in Jackson County the campaign was not about defeating the issue in all counties but Johnson County,Kansas. The leases and funding are one-sided with the taxpayers contributing over 90 percent. The opposition has been preparing for this and will be working to have the teams and customers pay for the improvements not taxpayers.