Post floats RFK renovation

With Washington Nationals stadium costs
, and land takings headed for what could be a protracted court battle, the Washington Post
has waded in with an editorial chiding the city for sticking with a
plan that is looking worse by the day:

If Major League Baseball doesn’t want the quality of the new stadium
compromised with cutbacks, the owners could provide the necessary funds
themselves. Alternately, Major League Baseball could include the added
costs of the improvements in the asking price for the lucrative
Washington Nationals franchise. Conversely, the parties could
reconsider their agreement to leave Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium
after the next two seasons and devote their time, talents and treasury
into making that ballpark and Washington landmark a permanent home for
the Nationals. Putting a greater burden on the taxpayers, or giving
them less than promised, won’t get the new ballpark to first

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is the first time
the Post has broached the prospect of renovating RFK as a long-term
home for the Nats. All the
kids are doing it!

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5 comments on “Post floats RFK renovation

  1. Rennovating RFK could work for DC United… but not the Washington Expos…. why? Because the WASPS said so…..

  2. Bertell, I’m a huge supporter of professional soccer in the U.S., but you’re really becoming a broken record, here. Neil covers United issues when they arise – as well as other MLS teams. Do you have anything to add about the Nationals? That’s what this news item was about.

  3. Thank you for your input Mr. Mead. All American soccer fans appreciate your tireless work, dedication, and photography to the cause. Have you got your 2006 Zard Card yet?

  4. MLB said that without a new ballpark, there would

    be no baseball in Washington. I wish RFK Stadium

    could be a long term home. I love RFK Stadium, as

    it is in Washington DC and has impressive

    architecture. Itd direct east-west line with the

    National Mall is special too. Seemingly, this

    facility cannot be fully renovated up to modern


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