Bronx Boro Prez: Mine’s bigger

It’s Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion’s turn to hold a public hearing on the New York Yankees stadium project – the one he held last month where he was jeered by local residents was technically a “town meeting,” not a public hearing – and the Beep says he plans to unveil new plans for increasing public parkland. Carrion “remains committed to preserving the ‘spirit and character’ of the [existing] stadium, as well as seeking a sports-themed high school [and] a hotel-conference center,” a Carrion spokesperson told the Daily News. “This will provide an increase of 5 acres of parkland to what has already been proposed.” What’s “already been proposed” would knock down Yankee Stadium and replace it entirely with public ballfields, so it’s going to be interesting to see where Carrion finds another 5 acres of space, especially while also proposed his (as yet unfunded) school and hotel on the property. Show up at the Bronx County Courthouse, 161st Street and Grand Concourse, at 6 pm tonight to see the show.

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