Royals: Don’t make us leave

Not quite one year after promising to stay put in Kauffman Stadium through 2014, Kansas City Royals execs are now saying they’ll consider moving the team after 2007 if voters reject a taxpayer-funded renovation plan on April 4. “If they decide no, we’ll start looking at other options,” Royals owner David Glass told reporters yesterday. “I would hate to see this franchise ever be put in a position where they had to consider leaving Kansas City.” Shame about those paratroopers, Colonel.

3 comments on “Royals: Don’t make us leave

  1. This could be the least credible threat in history. What, we’re supposed to believe that Portland or any other city would build a stadium to bring in the legendary David Glass baseball management team? Right.

  2. @jmauro – KCATA bus service to the Truman Sports Complex on game days (Royals Express) was suspended a while ago. Service via “regular” service is not available on Sunday.