D.C. council rejects Nationals lease

This just in: The D.C. council has voted down the Washington Nationals stadium lease, casting the $667 million project into even more limbo than it was already in. The final vote was 8-5, with Graham, Mendelson, Schwartz, Barry, Catania, Gray, Fenty, and Brown against, Orange, Patterson, Ambrose, Cropp and Evans in favor – that’s right, sports fans, the exact same split that was in place before Mayor Anthony Williams spent the last two months tweaking the deal with promises of cost caps and donations to youth sports programs.

More on this tomorrow, including up-to-the-minute coverage of the top of Bob DuPuy’s head flying off. In the meantime, check in with Maury Brown’s baseball journal for all the news fallout from the council’s decision.

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One comment on “D.C. council rejects Nationals lease

  1. Guess what, Neil… It passed last night on a reconsider 9-4.

    For those interested, you can go to The Baseball Journals at http://www.maurybrown.com for details.

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