Bloomberg: Smells like team spirit

On the eve of the New York city council’s sole public hearing on the $1.2 billion Yankees stadium project, here’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg explaining why the Yanks and Mets can’t share a stadium while Yankee Stadium is renovated or rebuilt:

“They both have their own interests of, you know, team spirit, and sharing stadiums is not something that’s done easily.”

Not that it’s remotely scientific, but New Yorkers voting in Newsday’s online poll accompanying the above article disagreed: Of four options, “Yankee Stadium should not be altered at all” is currently the top choice at 35.3%, with another 19.6% saying “It should be built on same hallowed ground.” (Total votes cast as of 9 am: 6,604.)

3 comments on “Bloomberg: Smells like team spirit

  1. Of course they can’t share a stadium…Because..Um…It didn’t work last tim 2 times. Yeah that’s it. It didn’t work the last 2 time…Oh wait that’s not right….

  2. Anyone recall Shea Stadium hosting 2 MLB teams and 2 NFL teams in 1 year ? nahh……

  3. The only thing that happened when the Yanks played at Shea in 74 was that Bobby Murcer couldn’t hit HRs in the no-longer-short porch, so they traded him for Barry Steroids’ father.