Vikings: Skip the roof

As expected, the Minnesota Vikings introduced a revised stadium plan yesterday – I should probably call it a “Hail Mary play,” but I really don’t wanna play thatknocking off their demand for a $115 million retractable roof. That would leave the public spending only $380 million on the stadium, plus $130 million for road improvements, plus the cost of land for an accompanying retail center – let’s just call it an even bajillion dollars.

Further complicating matters is that Anoka County’s offer to spend sales tax money on stadium costs, according to Minnesota’s ECM community newspaper chain, “hedges on a roof.” Didn’t we already cover that last week?

2 comments on “Vikings: Skip the roof

  1. Would it be not very much cheaper (cost of land, road access), if the vikings would built an open air stadium on the location of the metrodome? They should start with planning right now, and when the gopher stadium is in place, they could play for three years while construction of the vikings stadium, at gopher stadium. The only problem would be the capacity of 50000 for the proposed gopher stadium. Maybe the can add some sort of bleacher at the open side. Ig they would go ahead, the legislature should made provisons for that scenario before it approves the gopher stadium (vikings rent, vikings signage, beer sales etc.)

  2. Anoka County, the local governmental unit providing the stadium subsidy, made complete fools of themselves during the past few days. This should come as no surprise to anyone that has been following the stadium hearings at the state capitol. They had been promising the stadium would bring extensive road improvements to the county. Well, that aspect is gone. They had been promising increased property tax revenues from the stadium develpment. Well, those revenues will now go to paying for the roof. In trying to close a $115 million gap in the financing, the taxpayers of the county and state will eat all of it. Zygi Wilf, the owner of the MN Vikings, refused to pay any of it. I hope the taxpayers of Anoka County and the State of Minnesota wake up in time to send Wilf back to New Jersey with his purple hoard in tow. Best Wishes!!