Park Service gives okay to Yankees project?

New Yorkers For Parks is reporting that the National Park Service has given its approval to the Yankees‘ plan to use federally funded parkland as the site of their new stadium. If true, it clears one of two remaining hurdles for the project (not the last hurdle, as NY4P erroneously reports): The Internal Revenue Service still needs to sign off on the use of tax-exempt bonds for the project, though it’s possible the financing could be re-jiggered even if the IRS gives the thumbs-down on the current plan.

It also means a near-certain lawsuit over the NPS ruling, since local neighborhood activists have long objected that the new parkland being created is not of equal “value and utility” to the old parks, given that residents would have to cross a highway to get to much of it.

More on this in the morning…

NEXT MORNING: Looks like it’s official. Lawsuit to follow.

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4 comments on “Park Service gives okay to Yankees project?

  1. The Yankees do not need a new ballpark. There is no prospect that it will do anything to help the city’s economy as they’re making a park out of the old Yankee Stadium site.

    This is a disaster for parks, for the City of New York, for commuters (you know that Metro North station will never get built) and for lovers of history and tradition. But hey, it will line Goerge’s fat pockets, so I guess that makes it a good deal, right?

  2. This is great for the state of new york . Its time to get new stadiums. People always have to complain . Im happy the nets are getting a arena in brooklyn too.Rosie perez thanks for comong with you actor friends but you lost. Go back to la la land. Ps your a bad actress rosie

  3. The Nets are not going to get an arena built in Brooklyn. Eventually the Nets will come to their senses and join the Devils in a new arena in Newark.

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