Cavs: Can we have seconds yet?

For all those of you who’ve been asking me – and you know who you are – how long it’ll take before the first teams to get new stadiums and arenas come back around and get on line for more subsidies, here’s a news item for you: Cleveland Cavaliers execs have met with city officials to discuss a plan to spend $30 million in public money on upgrades to Quicken Loans Arena that would, in a team spokesperson’s words, “enhance the fan experience and the arena’s function.” The Cavs’ home court, then known as the Gund Arena, cost taxpayers $73 million when it opened – way back in 1994.

2 comments on “Cavs: Can we have seconds yet?

  1. I went to a hockey game at the Gund Arena once. Nothing wrong with the place in comparison to any of the other modern arenas which have no soul.