Urinal! Getcher urinal!

The Tiger Stadium memorabilia auction has concluded, and the resulting haul is: $192,729. Add in $300,000 from selling pairs of seats from the historic ballpark ($1.7 million paid, less about $1.4 million to get the damn things out of there) and the city of Detroit will rake in about a half-million bucks from slicing up the stadium. The Detroit Free Press declared this a “home run,” though given that the St. Louis Cardinals brought in more than $6 million from their own memorabilia sale for the much less historic Busch Stadium, some may disagree. (It also indicates that some people’s estimates of a $10 million windfall from selling off bits of Yankee Stadium might be a tad optimistic.)

Some curmudgeons might also point out that it’s bad form to be selling off a building before it’s even been decided whether to tear it down yet, but who are we to judge?

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