Fenty floats Redskins stadium in D.C.

Remember when Adrian Fenty was a Washington, D.C. city councilmember railing against a Nationals baseball stadium as a waste of city funds? And as a mayor who deep-sixed plans for a D.C. United soccer stadium because he thought it was too pricey?

Well, Fenty has apparently found a sport he likes, telling reporters yesterday he’s directed his staff to prepare a proposal to bring the Redskins back to D.C. with a new stadium. “I actually think it makes a ton of sense,” said the mayor, “but I think it would be great for the District to put it down on paper for them to have something to respond to.” Given that the team’s current stadium in suburban Maryland has made them the NFL’s second-most-valuable franchise despite unimpressive performance on the field, Fenty would presumably need to break the bank to lure owner Daniel Snyder back to the city, but who knows? Maybe he can come up with a really persuasive slogan.

3 comments on “Fenty floats Redskins stadium in D.C.

  1. I hope Landover has a really strong lease/agreement, otherwise FedEx Field is going to be one hell of a white elephant.

  2. I would love to see the Maryland RedSkins back in Washington DC. A new retractable dome stadium built where RFK stands now. It would be great for the nieghborhood and the waterfront and much easier to get to than FedEx.