Hot off the presses!

The newly expanded edition of Field of Schemes doesn’t officially hit store shelves until April 1, but you can buy it now from the Bison Books website. For those who haven’t been following, this is is a mammoth upgrade to the original edition, clocking in at more than 400 pages – four new chapters cover recent changes in the sports subsidy game like tax increment financing and “state-of-the-art” clauses, as well as in-depth coverage of stadium battles in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Boston. And the original material has been updated with annotations on subsequent events, so if you were wondering how those Baltimore and Cleveland stadium deals look a decade on, here’s your answer.

If all you have is the original edition, in other words, you’re missing out. On a really heavy brick of a book to throw at your opponents during arguments, if nothing else.

Aside to journalists, radio producers, and potential book reviewers: Please e-mail me with your contact info, and I’ll have Bison’s publicist get in touch with you.

4 comments on “Hot off the presses!

  1. Looking forward to reading this. I think the a’s proposed ballpark is the most ill-conceived one in history. They’re proposing moving to a suburb completely lacking in infrastructure and without a single source of convenient public transporation. Also their owner claims he’s not going to ask for public subsidies but I’m sure that the taxpayers of fremont will be in for a big surprise if this thing goes through. I think they should move to Sacramento, Vegas or Portland since their fanbase in Norcal is very low and they could have a market to themselves in one of these other locations.

  2. Jock – agree with you. Oakland has never supported the a’s and the locations you mention would all be better for them than trying to be second fiddle in a marke that doesn’t care about them. Sacramento is especially intriguing as it’s a growing community that they could have all to themselves but still pull in some of their current fans (few as that may be).

  3. shut up asshole … it’s a good read. you’re probably an a’s fan. pathetic.