MLB: Rays to turn back into pumpkin without stadium

Carrying forward a baseball tradition, MLB stadium hatchet man Bob DuPuy celebrated the Tampa Bay Rays‘ first World Series appearance last night by declaring that the team needs a new stadium. “I think they need a new ballpark here,” DuPuy told reporters. “I’d like to see their success this year be a catalyst not only for increased attendance next year but for a renewed discussion about a new ballpark.”

Rays owner Stuart Sternberg chimed in that his team “is unlikely to be successful if it’s still in Tropicana Field in 10 years,” in the words of the Wall Street Journal’s Matthew Futterman. Of course, you could argue that the Rays are unlikely to be successful with a new stadium either – as Futterman notes, the Tampa economy is a disaster, and the team’s fan base is tiny by baseball standards, both of which are going to make it hard to keep their young players once they’re eligible for free agency. But it’s a lot more fun (and potentially more lucrative) to blame the 18-year-old stadium than to blame MLB’s skewed economic system.

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