Royals give fans more bars, TVs

The Kansas City Star takes a look at the renovations to the Royals‘ Kauffman Stadium underway for the coming season – funded, don’t forget, with public sales-tax money – and finds bars, lots of bars. For those who don’t find getting sozzled to sufficiently improve their experience of Royals games, there’s also a five-hole miniature golf course, and lots of fancy new hardware:

Essentially, you might expect a more full experience – more ribbon boards, an additional board for out-of-town scores, and the ability to walk fully around the field both inside and out of the stadium. If that doesn’t help, more than 500 high-definition TVs might.

What, no Playstation 3 consoles? That Kauffman Stadium is outmoded already.

One comment on “Royals give fans more bars, TVs

  1. Sigh, Kauffman used to be a good place to just watch baseball in it’s purest form. Granted it was out in the middle of no where, but you went there to watch baseball and only baseball. Ever since they added that jumbotron back in the day each addition has made the stadium more and more gaudy. They only good addition was changing the turf for real grass, otherwise they can toss out the whole lot and the K would be awesome on it’s own.