Chiefs unveil extra stadium doohickeys

If you were wondering what the Kansas City Chiefs are doing with the extra $25 million in state tax credits they got last month, wonder no more:

The improvements to be completed by August 2010 include:

-$15.5 million to expand the scope of Arrowhead’s upper deck, widening it far beyond originally planned with additional concession stands and more public gathering places.

-$4.77 million to increase from eight to 18 the number of elevators for people with disabilities.

-$4.19 million to expand the Hall of Honor.

The other common-area improvements presented Tuesday included $6.2 million for parking lot and road repairs; $7.3 million in concrete coatings; and nearly $400,000 to improve drainage on ramps.

Spain described the expenses as unanticipated ones discovered after the original scope of the project had been set.

Not sure how you “discover” the need for more concession stands, but there you go. The Chiefs will be kicking in $50 million of their own money toward the new expenses, so when Missouri taxpayers admire the new concrete coatings at Arrowhead Stadium, they can rest easy that only one-third of it is made up of their money.

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