Ratto: Wolff’s all talk on San Jose

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Ray Ratto has chimed in again about A’s Lew Wolff’s public spurning of Oakland for San Jose:

This has always been the problem when Wolff chats up folks about a new building. He talks before everyone else can walk, and as such comes across not as a guy with a plan but as a guy who hopes one magically materializes.

His history on this topic is clear, from the Oakland Flea Market plan on out – he speculates out loud, can’t get sufficient immediate headway, tries for awhile and then he retreats. He comes off almost as a dilettante who wants to move out of his old neighborhood but wants the new neighborhood to come to him.

Ratto goes on to write that “MLB is already looking at a projected 9 percent revenue drop in 2009, and perhaps more. The Oakland-San Francisco problem means even less now to MLB than it did a year ago, and a year ago MLB didn’t give a very discernible damn.” If he’s correct, then Wolff’s strategy is even more puzzling than I thought.

2 comments on “Ratto: Wolff’s all talk on San Jose

  1. Ratto is an idiot that has little respect in the Bay Area sports community–his primary objective is to get the A’s out of the Bay Area so that we are reduced to a one team market—his argument holds no water—including saying SJ officials have done nothing—identifying a site for the ballpark, acquiring the property for a ballpark, completing an EIR, all things that Oakland hasn’t been able to do in 15+years—all this without knowing if they would even have a chance at MLB—and Ratto claims they have done nothing—clueless Ray—look forward to when the Chronicle closes and he is finally out of a job

  2. OK, I was a bit less than honest in that last post. It will be nearly impossible for a ballpark to be built in San Jose due to the fact that any plan with any sort of subsidy has to be approved by a vote of the public … and the public has shown many times that they will just say no to any give-aways to pro sports teams. And the site that SJ has chosen has tons of problems with neighbors, traffic and a PG&A substation that will cost zillions to move. And the biggest problem of them all, is the territorial rights issue … this would cost sweet-Lew > $20M annually if he ever wanted to “buy-out” this … good luck.