Yanks and Mets preview: Empty seats and pricey beers?

You can’t walk past a newsstand in New York — yes, we still have newsstands here, and walking — without seeing a passel of articles hyping the soon-to-be-opening Mets and Yankees stadiums. I’ve long since given up hope of following it all, but here are some of this weekend’s highlights:

Which brings us to the other contender for dumbest observation of the day:

As for the all-important matter of restrooms, here’s what Jeff Gold, a season-ticker holder from Bellmore, N.Y., had to say said when I asked about Citi Field’s biggest improvement: “Have you been to the bathrooms here? They’re clean and they’re huge. It’s a first class facility.”

As FoS correspondent David Dyte remarked: “And here I was expecting them to pre-age the bathrooms with assorted human waste from local sewers.”

One comment on “Yanks and Mets preview: Empty seats and pricey beers?

  1. $9 for Pabst, Schaeffer, Ballantine etc. $10 for Budweiser. I love beer. I almost never drink beer at a sporting event.