Eleven years after opening, Atlantic City stadium left without team

Desperately-searching-for-a-silver-lining headline of the day:

No team, but stadium can still be asset for Atlantic City

Apparently the Atlantic City Surf of the indie minor Can-Am League folded on Monday, after a dispute between the team and the city over which would pay for maintenance on Bader Field, which despite having been built only 11 years ago (with $15 million in public funds) now has no working heat or bathrooms. City officials are now exploring using the field for concerts or high school baseball practices, because everyone knows concertgoers and high school kids never need to use the bathroom.

Still, state senator Jim Whelan defended the public money spent on building the stadium for the Surf, saying, “This place had 11 good years.” I guess if you set the bar low enough, anything can be considered a success.

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