What K.C. got for its Royals reno money

The Kansas City Royals opened their newly renovated (with public sales tax money) Kauffman Stadium on Friday, and it turns out fans are less impressed by all the new bars than by more mundane matters: “It’s great you can walk all the way around the stadium.” “We stood in line forever.” “The restrooms are great for women, but they’re horrible for men.” “I had to pay $3.50 for Starburst.” While it’s hard to say for sure from 1,000 miles away, it sounds like much of this (okay, not the candy prices) is typical opening-day confusion — if nothing else, it should get worked out once the Royals are no longer drawing 40,000 fans a game, which should happen as soon as the Yankees leave town this afternoon.

Meanwhile, the fight between the city and Jackson County over who’ll pay for the ongoing operation of Kauffman Stadium continues, with Mayor Mark Funkhouser pushing forward with his plan to cut or eliminate the city’s $2 million a year contribution. Kansas City Star editorial board member Yael T. Abouhalkah says the city should cough up the dough because hot dog vendors pay taxes — which is the sort of argument that I’ve come to expect from the Kansas City Star.

2 comments on “What K.C. got for its Royals reno money

  1. I appreciate your book and the work you’ve done to prove that public funding is not a valid solution for stadium renovations; but please don’t knock the Royals. Kansas City has a loyal baseball fanbase, we’re just waiting for the GM to rid us of our awful DH and LF (their salaries to boot) and put a respectable product on the field. While there are a decent number of Yankee fans in every city, most show up to root against them. The Bankees symbolize everything that’s wrong with baseball.

    And publically funded or not, the New Kauffman is amazing.

  2. Believe me, I’m in no way criticizing Royals fans for not going to games. Having grown up a Mets fan during the Doug Flynn era, I know how painful it can be to watch not just losing, but losing with no hope of improvement anytime soon. I wish I could say that Yuniesky Betancourt were the answer, but…