Yanks to allow non-elite fans slightly closer to field

After much criticism, the New York Yankees have announced that starting with tonight’s homestand, all fans will again be allowed to go into the field-level seats during batting practice, as it was at the old stadium. Though not quite as it was at the old stadium, and not just any seats: While fans will be allowed into the left- and right-field corners as well as the bleachers (which are actually now separated from the field by several rows of box seats), the “Legends” seats surrounded by the infamous moat are still off-limits. Apparently the inalienable right to repel intruders from your home only applies if you paid $500 a pop for your seats, not if you’re one of those losers who shelled out only $90.

Still, so far this seems to be getting a better reception than the team’s earlier half-measure to counter complaints of high ticket prices by discounting a few dozen seats that weren’t selling. But then, we haven’t heard Keith Olbermann‘s reaction yet.

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