Weekend openings

“It’s bigger and more beautiful than I ever imagined!” —Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck on the new Dallas Cowboys stadium, which opened its doors to 1500 VIPs this week

“The first word that comes to mind is: impressive!” — New York Red Bulls captain Juan Pablo Angel on the team’s new stadium, which players got a first sneak peek at yesterday

“The action is quite intense and the effects are completely of-the-moment and dazzling!” — Director Brad Silberling on “Land of the Lost,” which opens at theaters near you next Friday

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2 comments on “Weekend openings

  1. The Red Bull Arena is going to be incredible. I just wish the Metrostars were playing in the Red Bull Arena.

  2. RE Red Bull Arena:
    Well, considering the damn thing is two years behind schedule, millions over budget, etc., the very least the place can do is not be an overpriced sh*thole (you listening, Mr. Steinbrenner?)

    RE Cowboys Stadium:
    Oh yeah, right, nothing says “modern sports team” like overpriced tickets AND no public transit, meaning residents of the Metroplex may have to take out another loan just to pay for parking. (Yeah, I know it isn’t DART or the T’s fault, it has to do with “taxes” [read making it more difficult for certain disliked minorities to settle in Arlington, or the appropriately named White Settlement] but still….). Let’s put it this way: the CEO of GM should go straight to Jerry Jones and give him ten Hail Maries for Mr. Jones’ efforts at compelling impoverished, debt-ridden DFW citizens to buy autos.

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