Tiger Stadium could be torn down in next two weeks

The long fight to save Tiger Stadium, or at least the sliver that remains, appears to be over, as Detroit’s Economic Development Growth Corporation voted yesterday to demolish the last piece of the 1912 ballpark, effective as soon as possible, likely in the next two weeks. Said Detroit EDGC VP Waymon Guillebeaux of the preservationists’ efforts, which were still in the works as of three months ago: “We simply can’t afford to keep waiting when it is clear that the Conservancy’s concept is not financially viable, nor will it be in the immediate future.”

There’s still presumably a chance that the Detroit city council could step in with a last-second reprieve, as it did last summer after the last time the EDGC called for complete demolition; Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy board member Gary Gillette said the group would “do everything we can — including calling on all of our friends and supporters — to try to get this decision reversed.” But it sure sounds like this is the end.

I’ll have more to write about Tiger Stadium, which to my mind was the finest of the 26 major-league ballparks I’ve been to, when I have more time to digest this. In the meantime, I’ll let former Tigers employee David Gratt’s reminiscence stand for itself.

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