Tiger Stadium demolition is underway

Rod Nelson of the Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy reports that Peter Comstock Riley, who’s been pushing for reuse of Tiger Stadium for a decade, is on-site at the stadium and says that demolition began shortly after 3 pm, with the wrecking machines “nibbling on 3b side, lower corner.” The Conservancy is seeking an emergency injunction.

I called Mayor Dave Bing’s office right at 3, and was told by a spokeswoman that “the decision on Tiger Stadium was made two administrations ago, and we’ve only been here three weeks.” When I noted that Bing was in office now, and asked if he was planning to take any action on the demolition — only the mayor can overrule the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation — she said, “Not to my knowledge,” and gave the general impression of really, really wanting to duck the issue. You can ask Bing’s office yourself at 313-224-3400.

UPDATE: Nelson reported around 6 pm that the Conservancy had obtained a court order to stop the demolition, but the DEGC was refusing to accept it and was directing the demolition crews to start in on the upper deck.

Just turned on Olbermann to see if he’s downgraded George Jackson to “World’s Worst” again… [FURTHER UPDATE: Keith’s off tonight.]

FINAL UPDATE: Demolition has finally stopped, with a court hearing set for Monday.

2 comments on “Tiger Stadium demolition is underway

  1. It’s time for the conservancy to face facts, it’s over. The stadium is already 2/3rd’s gone.

  2. The facts were Tiger Stadium was 2/3rds gone, but Navin Field still lived on, that’s what many failed to see. Also if you listen to the WJR story, the Conservancy was much further along than a year ago and even Jackson acknowledged that, he may have laughed (sadly) about it. I for one was proud and am proud to support the OTSC.