Headlines we didn’t read today: “Magic arena forces arts cuts”

Hotel tax revenues in Orange County, Florida are expected to plummet by a record 18% this year, but don’t worry about the new arena for your NBA Easten Conference Champion Orlando Magic, notes the Orlando Sentinel:

Despite the slump, the new arena for the Orlando Magic — already under construction just west of downtown — is safe, Orlando officials say. Bonds were sold for the $480 million project last year, and it is scheduled to open in the fall of 2010.

Of course, since the county is already locked into paying off the Magic arena bonds, that means the tax shortfall must be made up out of other projects. A planned Orlando performing arts center, as well as renovation of the Orange Citrus Bowl, could now be delayed or scrapped, while local theaters and museums are expected to lose up to half of their county grant money. What was that about a no-lose proposition again?

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4 comments on “Headlines we didn’t read today: “Magic arena forces arts cuts”

  1. Yes, of course, thank you. Got confused by the Citrus Bowl being in Orange County, and the Orange Bowl being in Citrus County…

  2. Would it be fair to point out that the Orange Bowl is in Miami-Dade County? What’s in Citrus County? A bunch of retirees, one beach, and lots of neat manatees. No stadium (at least not yet – wait till Stienbrener realizes it’s only an hour north of Tampa …)

  3. That was meant to be a joke. Though given that the Orange Bowl is landfill now, it’s always possible it’s in Citrus County…

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