Hello, Calgary!

A quick programming note: I’m scheduled to appear on Rob Breakenridge’s show on CHQR radio in Calgary tonight, starting at 8:05 pm Mountain (10:05 Eastern); listeners elsewhere should be able to tune in via the web stream. Not sure what we’ll be talking about, but this is a pretty good bet, as is the ongoing Phoenix Coyotes imbroglio.

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2 comments on “Hello, Calgary!

  1. You might also want to brush up your talking points on the collective benefits of publicly financed stadiums and the benevolence of Billionaires. In particular you might want to touch on David Asper’s land grab in relation to his offer of a “gift” to Winnipeg — Bomber stadium.

    See: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/story/2009/04/02/mb-bombers-sold.html .

    The comments that follow the article are surprisingly well informed — but much of this story has not been seeing the full light of day because Asper is a Canadian media tycoon — based in Winnipeg.

    I figured you haven’t touched on this because it is Canadian. But since our billionaires are starting to borrow these ideas from your billionaires its about time average Canadians became informed about how the whole scam operates before it is too late.

    Good luck. I’ll be listening.

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