Coverage of Gate 2 campaign manages to avoid word ‘quixotic’

The push to save one wall of the old Yankee Stadium hit the city tabloids today, with the New York Daily News reporting that proponents plan to make an appeal at the next community board hearing and stage a rally June 30 to call for saving Gate 2. (The News also reports they plan to “produce a You Tube [sic] video,” which only goes to show that you can always get press coverage if you mention YouTube. Or Facebook. If they planned to go on Twitter about it, they probably could have gotten the front page.)

The question, as always, is whether preserving the gate, which would have to be braced to stand alone alongside the public baseball fields that will replace the House That Ruth Built, can be accomplished without delaying the parkland opening or costing the city a zillion dollars it doesn’t have. Not that the city Parks Department will necessarily listen in any case, but without meeting those criteria it’s definitely going to be a non-starter.

Meanwhile, in other Yankees stadium-related news, radio station WNYC visited the shopkeepers along 161st Street recently and found that most say they’ve seen fewer customers since the Yanks’ new stadium opened this year. Which could just be the economy, or it could be the fact that the new stadium holds fewer fans and has more places for them to buy food and souvenirs inside the gates instead of down the block — concern over which was why Stan’s Sports World and several other local businesses opposed the new stadium, not that anyone listened to them.

One comment on “Coverage of Gate 2 campaign manages to avoid word ‘quixotic’

  1. For the record, the media coverage for the SAVE GATE 2 effort is increasing because it is a proposal that is gaining momentum.

    Your petty, nitpicking and negative tone reminds me of your actions/commitment to save the original Yankee Stadium. I was always taught to choose a side. Are you part of the solution, an observer or part of the problem? “I always wondered why someone didn’t do something and then I realized that I am somebody”.

    JT (John Trush)