Yankee repairs at the AAA level

The New York Yankees may have their own set of problems with the new Yankee Stadium, but trouble may also be brewing at the lower tier of the Yankee empire. Calls for renovation of their AAA Scranton, Pennsylvania facility were reported yesterday.

The Scranton Times explains that about $13.3 million in repairs will be needed to revitalize the 20-year-old stadium, including $4.5 million in electrical system replacements.

Lackawanna County is responsible for maintenance of PNC Field (not to be confused with PNC Park in Pittsburgh), but in a situation similar to the old Yankee Stadium, work can be arranged by SWB Yankees, the team owners, and charged against county stadium revenues.

The Yankees minor league franchise deal ends in October, prompting the predictable non-threat to move, something that is pretty standard in opening negotiations, with team president Kristen Rose saying “we’re still happy here.” If the shakedown model in most cities follows, Scranton officials and/or reporters are likely to highlight the potential for a move to another city, and tax dollars will fund whatever renovations and repairs the team wants.

The amounts are small in the grand scheme of things, but Lackawanna county is likely to have a number of other uses for $13.3 million. No word as to whether Dunder Mifflin paper products were used in the publication of this Scranton Times article or if they currently serve as a sponsor for the local team.

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2 comments on “Yankee repairs at the AAA level

  1. What’s even odder is that the County owns the team not the management group (though the management group has an option to buy if they can come up with $15 million or so).

    It’s an odd negotating position for the county to move the team it owns to somewhere else becuase the county won’t build its self a new stadium. Sounds like a plan to get public support for the stadium then really a negotation tactic.

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