Paulson: My stadium is “crap”

Running down your own stadium in the cause of getting a new one has a long, inglorious history, but Portland Beavers and Timbers owner Merritt Paulson still deserves some sort of award for telling Willamette Week that PGE Park is a “crap stadium,” just in time for his team to host the AAA All-Star Game there last night. That’s the All-Star Game, WWeek notes, that Paulson announced he’d landed two years ago with the statement that “we are thrilled at the opportunity to showcase Portland and our wonderful ballpark.” But that’s when he was more interested in selling tickets than stadium financing packages.

2 comments on “Paulson: My stadium is “crap”

  1. What a joke. Merritt Paulson should just get out of town. I love his negotiating like he owns an NFL team. Dude, you own a AAA baseball team and an MLS team. When you start owning a major sports franchise, then you can act like a jerk.

    Take daddy’s money, and leave town.

  2. Jimmy: Yeah, well, what can we expect from a Goldman Sachs man anyway? They think they own the damn world.