Cowboys Stadium just gets worse and worse

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has outdone the Steinbrenners in one way, anyway: He’s built seats with views even more obstructed than those in the new Yankee Stadium bleachers. Deadspin has the link the the video segment, and the color commentary:

One is literally behind a cement column. The other sits up against a cement wall that obstructs all of the stadium except for one red zone. I’m not sure which exact seat this is, but there doesn’t seem to be any indication on Ticketmaster that obstructed view seats are available or that they are any cheaper than the lowest listed price of $75. ($59 as part of a season ticket package.) The standing-room only morons get a better deal than that, but at least you get a chair.

How bad are these seats? You are in the same room with the world’s largest video screen, a massive 160-by-90-foot egoriffic TV built specifically to give fans in the cheap seats a visual reminder that they are actually attending a football game … and you can’t even see that.

Maybe they can at least put a painting of a football game on the wall.

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One comment on “Cowboys Stadium just gets worse and worse

  1. Hasn’t the community in the Metroplex suffered enough? Must they be forced to endure contemporary art? Is there no God?

    “Motivated by the psychology of the sport, Mel Bochner said he proposed working with the word “win.” Work will begin next week on his piece, which will be a series of capitalized words, beginning with “WIN! VANQUISH! CONQUER! CLOBBER!”

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