Louisville study: New arena makes sun rise in east each day

Here we go again:

Louisville’s downtown arena has helped generate more than $100 million in nearby investment and construction, according to an economic impact analysis released Monday.

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you’ve probably already guessed that this “analysis” was conducted by an entity with a stake in making the arena project look good (the Kentucky State Fair Board, which will run the place once it opens next year), and that the methodology was not quite as robust as one would like — in this case, they simply totaled up all the construction going on in the immediate vicinity, and then counted that all as “generated” by the arena, even in cases where developers told the Louisville Courier-Journal that they would have done the projects anyway.

Stay tuned for my own economic impact study showing how my purchase of new curtains helped lead to the construction of millions of square feet of new condo towers.

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