One sports subsidy leaves, one enters

The good news: The New England Patriots parking-lot footbridge is no longer getting federal stimulus money. The less-good news: This is not because anyone thought better of the idea, but rather because it wasn’t expected to be “shovel-ready” by the February deadline. And it still may get state economic development money.

Meanwhile, the city of Glendale may be stepping up to the plate instead, as it’s reportedly considering seeking stimulus money for the Arena, home of the Phoenix Coyotes (at least for the moment). No word on exactly what would get funded by the money — the Phoenix Business Journal helpfully says “financing and job creation.” And even if Glendale gets the benefit from that, given that it’s simultaneously exploring ways to bail out the Coyotes, it could end up little more than a passthrough.

One comment on “One sports subsidy leaves, one enters

  1. There is some talk that the powers-that-be in Sacramento are trying to combine a new rail depot with an arena, which would allow them access to $20M in Federal stimulus money.

    What a scam.