Ravens snow cleanup team includes prison labor

I’m always on the lookout for offbeat subsidies to sports teams — bridges to nowhere and the like. Well, this is certainly a new one:

The Baltimore Ravens used actual convicts — 125 inmates and supervisors from the Department of Corrections — to join the 700 workers at M&T Bank Stadium to clear the building for this afternoon’s game with the Bears. …

The Baltimore Sun reports that the inmates and workers, many of them volunteers, are putting the finishing touches on clearing a record December snowstorm. The area was hit with 21 inches of snow, the most for the month since records started being kept in 1883.

Needless to say, most Baltimore residents don’t get the services of state-supplied labor to help dig them out when a storm hits — as one Baltimore Sun reader pointed out. It’s also still not clear whether the state (or, I guess, the prisoners) were paid for their labor, despite the efforts of citizen journalists to clear this matter up the best way they know how.

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2 comments on “Ravens snow cleanup team includes prison labor

  1. Actually, Free Prison Labor is quite Common for public projects(This chain gangs doing trash duty). A Non–profit I work with use prison labors for projects about once a year. Usually Dirty projects when chain saws are involved.

  2. The guy driving the snow plow who cleared a place for Patriots place kicker to kick a winning field goal in 1982 was a prison-release worker.

    Ummm Adam, I know when it comes time to make capital investments sports teams seem like “public projects” but when they are counting up their profits it is most definitely private enterprise.

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