Timbers release stadium design, construction schedule

Merritt “My Dad Gave Away Your Dad’s Tax Money” Paulson still doesn’t have a new home for his Portland Beavers minor-league baseball team, but that isn’t stopping him from moving ahead with plans to renovate PGE Park as soccer-only. Paulson’s Timbers soccer franchise released new renderings this week of how the renovated stadium will look, after a $31 million makeover being paid for by, well, The Oregonian didn’t mention it this time, but psst, mostly the taxpayers.

The most interesting bit here may be that they plan to begin construction in January, pause for the baseball season, then finish up next winter. Which certainly leads one to believe that at least some of the renovations could take place while still accommodating baseball. Also, apparently Paulson was definitely lying when he told the Beaverton city council that “if I don’t get a baseball deal done, I’m not going to finalize the deal with Portland” — unless he really thinks he’s going to finalize a deal with the other Vancouver before the construction crews are set to arrive next month.

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