A’s owner gnashing teeth over slow pace of MLB study

It’s been ten whole months now since Bud Selig appointed a three-man commission to investigate whether the Oakland A’s can move to San Jose, and apparently A’s owner Lew Wolff is getting impatient. At least, he’s antsy enough to tell the San Jose Mercury News have unnamed sources tell the San Jose Mercury News that Selig’s commission should get on with it already.

In fact, as far as Merc News columnist Mark Purdy is concerned, if MLB doesn’t act soon — and act to approve a San Jose move — the team could be headed out of California:

Bottom line: Wolff has not yet reached the boiling point where he’s threatening to leave the Bay Area — or, more likely, sell to another owner who would move the team out of Northern California. But the teapot is building steam. It’s hot stove season in more ways than one. Time to tend to this burner, commissioner.

Old threats never die, it seems, no matter how many times owners cry wolf. I hope at least Purdy is getting a pay raise for his honest reporting.

2 comments on “A’s owner gnashing teeth over slow pace of MLB study

  1. where are they going to go? to another marginal market like the east bay?
    there aren’t any more mlb sized places that can sustain a franchise out there, unless fidel castro croaks tomorrow and they can go to havana…