K.C. squabble continues over stadium reno subsidies

Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser is back again with his proposal to stop paying the city’s $2 million a year subsidy towards renovations of the Royals and Chiefs stadiums. Funkhouser proposed the same thing last year, you may recall, but the city council ultimately ended up not going along with it.

This is really a squabble between the city and the county, thanks to a terribly written stadium funding contract that guarantees the teams public money, but doesn’t specify which public body will pay it (and which the city isn’t actually a signatory to). The only thing for certain: Kansas City residents will end up paying the cost somehow, whether via city taxes or county taxes. If not, the teams could break their leases and move to … well, I’m sure there’s someplace out there with newly renovated stadiums that would love to host some sports teams. Hey, there’s an idea…

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One comment on “K.C. squabble continues over stadium reno subsidies

  1. Sorry to add this on so late but didn’t see it here, Jackson County MO is proposing exempting the Truman Sports Complex from KC’s earning tax by designating it a public park so all those working there wouldn’t pay the tax. In return for the tax savings, the teams would reduce the contribution from the county by $2 million. The city received $2.3 million in ’08 so the city could de facto be out an extra $300,000.

    Nice job Funkhouser!

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