Food fight over Texas Stadium implosion

The plans to have a processed-cheese product sponsor the demolition of Texas Stadium has run into opposition: The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says it’s “inappropriate” for the city of Irving to promote unhealthy foods, and instead offered $75,000 for the city to use the stadium implosion to highlight childhood obesity.

Irving Mayor Herbert Gears said this didn’t make any sense to him, but the committee has a plan and everything:

The physicians committee also suggested the city use a banner that depicts on overweight man eating cheese under the words, “Cheese really blows you up.”

Gears called the proposed banner “tacky” and “offensive” in its depiction of a “stereotypical overweight person.”

You be the judge.

5 comments on “Food fight over Texas Stadium implosion

  1. The fact that the physicians committee is so concerned with the sponsorship of the implosion is ridiculous. what’s next? The “astro turf for a better field” committee is going to be upset about the implosion? I think the irresponsible party here would be the parents that allow the kids to abuse the food, not the food maker itself!

  2. These food, drink, and smoking police have gotten out of hand. So what if a processed cheese company is sponsoring the implosion. Though it is still processed cheese, cheese is a dairy product that is good for you. The key is to eat the cheese in moderation or get out and play. The real problem is aspertame which is causing us to either lose our brains or get fat.

  3. Does Kraft hire people to post stupid things in comments sections? The evidence points to yes.

  4. I was not hired to post anything defending Kraft. I was just pointing out that cheese is a dairy item and isn’t the reason people get fat. It is the fact that people are inactive and tend to eat too much of one good thing or are consuming people killing aspertame.

  5. You’re full of it, floormaster squeeze. While Kraft makes a lot of really shitty products, it’s up to the individual to maintain a healthy style and find a balance of moderation of products & not one sole company is to blame. Poison, dealers & stores are all around us. It’s up the individual to make smart choices. Kraft and Velveeta products aren’t what’s causing society to be fat, it’s people’s choices. Eggs sell by the dozen… nobody ever suggested eating all 12 in a single breakfast. Come on. Get real.