Yankee Stadium demolition picks up pace

I dropped by Yankee Stadium yesterday, where the pace of demolition is picking up as the June completion date nears. (Not to mention, cynics might note, opening day, by when the Yankees might like to have the picked-apart corpse of the House That Ruth Built out of sight as much as possible.) The left-field grandstand has a large hole in it now, and several deep gashes where work crews are preparing to take down more sections.

There’s also a growing crowd of people on the nearby #4 elevated train platform, snapping a few photos but mostly watching the demolition in grim silence. Yesterday I met an off-duty policeman who said the scene was “sad,” and that he’d worked the final game at the old stadium; he also pointed out the old Yankee logo etched into the exterior outfield wall, now exposed for the first time in decades by the demolition crews. (See more photos below the jump, click to enlarge).

4 comments on “Yankee Stadium demolition picks up pace

  1. Not to be insensitive, but why aren’t they detonating the mofo? Cincinnati did this cool ‘splosion that encircled the stadium in sequence:


    Heck you can see a million videos of stadiums get blown to smithereens, which is either depressing or pornographic to the purveyor of this site– who knows?

  2. Using explosives to demolish buildings is illegal in New York. And it probably wouldn’t be viable here anyway, since you’d end up blowing up the elevated subway line that runs right next to it.

  3. That’s a really sad sight, and this is coming from a Red Sox fan.

    Neil, is that rule a residue of 9/11, or has it always been illegal? NYC is so crowded, it doesn’t seem like controlled demolition would be a very good idea in any case.