McCourt: The NFL so totally wants me to build a football stadium

Give Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt (no, not that one) credit, he knows how to make headlines. When he’s not talking about the bitter divorce trial he’s engaged in, he’s … okay, this actually came up during his divorce trial anyway:

Court filings in the divorce case revealed that McCourt also remains active in planning for an NFL stadium in the Dodger Stadium parking lot.

“There’s no question L.A. should have an NFL franchise,” he said. “It’s probably the worst-kept secret in Los Angeles that the NFL would love to be at Chavez Ravine. Other than that, I can’t comment right now.”

Yeah, that’ll distract the press from your marital problems in a hurry. There doesn’t seem to be any actual evidence that the NFL is working on a Chavez Ravine stadium other than McCourt’s oblique hint, but that still has the NFL rumor mill a-flutter that the NFL is turning its back on Ed Roski’s City of Industry stadium that’s supposed to bring in two teams and somehow pay for itself and instead is looking to L.A. proper. Because this is totally different from the last time McCourt tried to woo the NFL to his land and got nowhere. Totally.

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