FC New York not getting anywhere with New York

FC New York, that minor-league expansion soccer team that said it wants to build a stadium in Queens, now says it’s hit a snag: namely, that nobody in Queens is actually offering to build them a stadium. Meanwhile, team president Doug Petersen says that Nassau County is eagerly wooing his club, though he mostly seems to be interested in using that as leverage to get Queens finally talking:

“In the last two weeks, we are stepping up our campaign to reach out to people in local governments [in New York City] again to see if there are soccer friends in the political arena who want to help us,” said Petersen, who is based in Garden City, L.I. “I think the sport of passion for people in Queens is soccer.”

As far as Nassau goes, there are no more details about a stadium there than in Queens, but at least they’re talking a good game: Deputy county executive Rob Walker told the Daily News, “Being able to say that Nassau County is the home of a premier soccer team or whatever the case may be, we want to do it.” “Or whatever the case may be”? What, a league made of up two competing leagues forced to play each other because neither had enough teams on its own doesn’t sound “premier” to you?

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5 comments on “FC New York not getting anywhere with New York

  1. Don’t know why anyone is at all. This is the team that announced their existence on April Fools 2009 and then proceeded to fall off the face of the Earth publicly for nearly 11 months.

  2. Well, assuming that this fantasy soccer stadium ever becomes reality, if they have any hope of making money off of it, they could try competing with RBA in price. Holy smokes! Even soccer can’t escape the New York Prices Monster (or NYPM, my term)! Come on, now, 84 bucks as the lowest price listed? And this for a league that can be best compared to, oh, England League One. Granted, it is a “bargain” compared to what the Giants and Jets are charging but, geez…I guess Red Bull has to make their money back, somehow.

  3. Where are you looking, Transic? Red Bulls ticket prices range from $20 to $45; the ones we got on Saturday were $25 and each came with a free $5 coupon to use toward concessions or souvenirs. Still not exactly cheap, but better than any of the Big Four sports teams around here.

  4. My mistake. I was looking at the Family Packs, which is above the “Individual Tickets” scroll-down box. That would explain the misunderstood numbers.

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