Coyotes bidders drop subsidy demands on Glendale

The Glendale, Arizona city council is set to review two new lease proposals from the ownership groups vying to take over the NHL-owned Phoenix Coyotes — though “vying” may be an overstatement, given that both Ice Edge Holdings and Jerry Reinsdorf are looking for major subsidies in order to grace Glendale with their presence. Globe and Mail writer David Shoalts further reports that Reinsdorf is looking for an escape clause that would let him break any lease if revenue and ticket sales weren’t up to his lofty standards.

Shoalts further reports that Glendale might not be able to offer significant lease breaks even if it wants to:

The only thing for sure, it seems, is that this isn’t going to end well. Unless, just maybe, you live in Winnipeg.

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7 comments on “Coyotes bidders drop subsidy demands on Glendale

  1. Sad thing is, what’s gonna happen to that sparkling new arena they built out there? Will they convert it into a smaller one? Turn part of it into retail space and convert some of the skyboxes into hotel rooms?

  2. Reinsdorf should buy the Coyotes and move them to Vega$! Talk about what’s good for the game and NHL!

  3. Makes as much sense as putting another hockey team in New York…and we already have too many. Even KC makes more sense…and that’s basketball country.

  4. Where is the owner of the Arizona Cardinals? How come he hasn’t step up to offer to buy the Coyotes?

  5. The Coyotes are now very good but still dead last in attendance.

    Over 41 home games it is has been evident this is a damn good team from home game #10 and yet the fans sit at home.

    Get this team out of Phoenix and to an area where the fans appreciate a winner. This team is young, talented, and will be a force for the next 5 years.

    I guess people in the desert as as “dumb” as what people say.

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