Yankee Stadium Gate 2 demolished?

Unconfirmed report just now (but from a reliable Bronx source) that Yankee Stadium’s Gate 2, the subject of a contentious preservation effort, has been demolished. More news as it becomes available, though I bet the commenters get to this before I do.

5 comments on “Yankee Stadium Gate 2 demolished?

  1. Gee it’s kinda tough to launch a conservation effort when you’re not given enough notice. Who knew they’d demolish Yankee Stadium a scant 16 months after the last game there? Who knew it would get torn down when they started breaking out the shovels for the new stadium? It’s been a crazy decade.

  2. Check out demolitionofyankeestadium.com. The Gate is gone as of today. Its too bad that no part of the cathedral of baseball is being kept in honour ofone of the greatest sporting venues in the world.

  3. Dave,

    Please enlighten us as to the preservation effort of Gate 2. You seem to have all the details concerning the Saving of the Gate .

    Can you please tell me how and when the effort to preserve Gate 2 started and why Gate 2 was torn down?

  4. They can’t knock down the old stadium quick enough. I guess they figure people might except the fraud they built if there is nothing to compare it to.

    A year later and the new Yankee Stadium still bothers me. For a billion dollars you think it would be a bit more impressive.

    The new stadium is a theme park. Surprised they don’t charge day passes for a family and give you Mickey Mouse Ears when you enter!