Vikings stadium bill to be unveiled soon?

That Minnesota Vikings lobbyist might have been wrong after all: The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that state senate taxes committee chair Tom Bakk says a Vikings stadium bill is “pretty much drafted” and that there’s “plenty of time” to pass it before the Legislature adjourns in mid-May.

Of course, as the Vikings (and the Twins) found in past years, there’s a big difference between getting a bill up for debate and getting one passed — especially since as of this writing, still no one is exactly sure how on earth it would be paid for. And then there’s that little public poll thing as well. But if nothing else, it looks like we may well have an entertaining May ahead of us.

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3 comments on “Vikings stadium bill to be unveiled soon?

  1. I don’t think it’s as dire of a threat as they make it out to be. There was this little tidbit in the article:

    “Before Easter, as legislators debated a jobs creation bill, the House voted 132-0 against using any parts of the legislation “to assist the state, any subdivision or agency of the state, a local government, or any private entity or person in financing or constructing a stadium or ballpark.””

    When the House votes against spending money on a stadium during a very difficult budget cycle unanimously, I’d say even if there was a proposal it’s not much of a threat right now.

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