Tampa Bay radio, today at 4:05 pm

I’m going to be on 1010 AM CBS Sports Radio in Tampa Bay this afternoon from 4:05 to 4:20 pm, discussing the Rays stadium mess. If you’re not in the Tampa area, you can still listen live online; I’ve been promised that the show will be a “debate” on the Rays’ situation, so I’ll be bringing my back hump.

UPDATE: This has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday, May 4, same time and station.

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4 comments on “Tampa Bay radio, today at 4:05 pm

  1. Looks like I’ve been pre-empted by the University of South Florida football coach’s golf tournament. Will post here if I’m rescheduled.

  2. 4:30, I’m now told. Who knew there was so much sports to talk about in Tampa?

  3. Where’s the “Listen Live” link? Strange website over there in Tampa

  4. I found a CBS Radio player. Nice appearance, I always appreciate hearing a logical approach to stadium financing – and especially appreciate any coverage of the opinion that the Public partner should actually get a cut of the revenue for their 2/3 investment.

    Best regards,

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