Nashville flood sinks arena, stadium

For some reason the Great Nashville Flood has been getting short shrift in the national media compared to the Great Gulf Coast Oil Slick and the Great Times Square SUV Bomb With Non-Exploding Fertilizer — though the flood does have its own website, so that’s something.

In any event, among the buildings that are currently part of the Cumberland River are the homes of the Tennessee Titans and Nashville Predators: LP Field (named for, um, the Titans’ favorite form of analog audio media? man, these naming-rights deals are a gold mine for corporate publicity!) has had its field submerged, while Bridgestone Arena has had its dressing rooms and arena floor submerged.

Both buildings are owned by the city and Davidson County, though the arena is operated by the Predators. I haven’t seen any reporting yet on who’ll be responsible to pay for cleanup, though you have to hope that somebody involved had flood insurance.

One comment on “Nashville flood sinks arena, stadium

  1. The Titans (per WKRN-2) have said damage is minimal and insurance will cover repair costs.

    For the record, LP Field is named for a building products manufacturer.