Internets Celebrities debut “Stadium Status”

The fine folks at Internets Celebrities have released their latest video, titled “Stadium Status,” and I can say without hesitation that it’s the finest (and funniest) web video ever made on the subject of stadium scams.

Featured are myself (in the role of talking-head stadium expert) and Killian Jordan (as the angry Bronx resident), plus IC hosts Rafi Kam and Dallas Penn providing an 18-minute tour of the machinations behind the new Yankees and Mets stadiums and Nets arena. Find out why the the New York Times called them a cross between Michael Moore and Dave Chappelle! (Not that Moore has been funny in years. Or Chappelle, for that matter. Hey, wait, was the Times actually dissing them?)

Seriously, it’s a great video, and you couldn’t ask for a better primer on the ill effects of new stadiums on both our cities and sports fandom. At least, not until I finally get permission to upload video of the Shoddy Puppet Company’s shadow puppet play based on Field of Schemes. It’s hard to beat shadow puppets.

2 comments on “Internets Celebrities debut “Stadium Status”

  1. $14 billion in taxpayer money? That’s ridiculous.

    My lol favorite moment:

    “What about the Nets though?”
    “Who gives a shit about the Nets?”

    The same thing happened here on a much smaller scale in my once-modest farm town:

    Town 20 years ago kicked dozens of people out of their homes on prairie land so they could demolish them & expand the forest preserve territory & have tidy boundaries. Some driveways still exist, and one house wasn’t knocked down & is a rotting shack.

    I’ve seen so much stuff built up, torn down, roads re-routed I don’t even recognize the place where I grew up in. They added 70,000 people in 20 years and built on farmland like it was an eyesore. It’s obscene, all in the name of “progress”.

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