Adultery site bids for Giants/Jets stadium name; ups the ante

The sports blog world was much agog yesterday over the prospect of the new New York Jets and Giants stadium possibly being named after a website that has variously been described as a “website that promotes extramarital affairs” and “the dating site for adulterers.” (Its slogan: “Life is short. Have an affair.”) According to the website’s CEO, he’s willing to offer $5 million a year for a five-year deal to slap his site’s name on the teams’ new stadium.

Now, the odds on the Jets and Giants accepting are pretty much zero, but the CEO in question probably doesn’t care about that, since he’s just gotten his URL printed in dozens of newspapers by doing little more than issuing a press release. (Which is why you’ll note I haven’t actually mentioned the site’s name —’s ad rates may be cheap, but I draw the line at free.)

Looked at that way, it’s a brilliant move, and I don’t see why I, for one, should let the opportunity pass to cash in as well. So, without further ado: hereby offers the Giants and Jets $20 trillion a year if they will name their new stadium “The Meadowlands Field of Schemes at Field.” This is a serious offer, as evidenced by the fact that I used “trillion” and not “kajillion” or “kersquillion” in the announcement.

USA Today, you know where to find me.

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