San Diego okays Chargers stadium study

The San Diego city council voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve a $500,000 study of their “downtown’s redevelopment future,” which is apparently code for “are we gonna build a Chargers stadium?” Though mayoral aide Phil Roth said the study — which will include a look at kicking back property taxes to fund redevelopment — “could be used to finance all sorts of different projects, hundreds of miles of sidewalks, all affordable housing, a stadium, a zoo, whatever you would like to do.”

This isn’t huge news — city councils typically authorize feasability studies at the drop of a hat — but Chargers stadium czar Mark Fabiani called it “pivotal” (the San Diego Union-Tribune’s word, not his), on the grounds that without it, a San Diego stadium project couldn’t move forward.

In other news, the sun rose in the east today, marking a key step in BP’s efforts to stop the Gulf oil spill.

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5 comments on “San Diego okays Chargers stadium study

  1. Article 16 of the CA state constitution says that public officials may not give a gift of public funds to a private corporation.
    Would someone please explain how giving redevelopment (public property tax) dollars towards a stadium does not constitute giving a gift of public funds to a professional sports team? Especially when the team typically gets all of the NFL etc. profit and cities/counties etc. are stuck with bills and (like Santa Clara) get a negative return on their investment?

  2. The state slide closer to bankruptcy. The county finances are a complete joke. And the city somehow can shake lose with money for yet another feasibility study?

    I am not familiar with California’s recall law. If possible, then everyone of these twits should be recalled.

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