Rays stadium wars, day five: St. Pete fires back

Still more news in the brewing battle over the future of the Tampa Bay Rays, which is looking increasingly like a standoff between ownership and the team’s municipal landlords:

In any case, the only ones whose positions matter much here are the Rays and Foster (and the St. Petersburg city council), since that stadium lease needs to be resolved in one way or another before anyone can start talking about new stadium — or how to pay for them, an even stickier question that so far hasn’t been broached at all. TV reporter and stadium blogger Noah Pransky sums up the current media battle nicely:

A NY millionaire flies down and says, “I know you’re paying tens of millions of dollars a year for the right to host my (for-profit) business, and I know you still have many more millions to pay…and even though I agreed to stay for 17 more years….I decided it’s only going to be 5-10…and I expect you to start paying a lot more money after that.”

And somehow we think the bad guy is the Mayor of St Pete, looking out for his taxpayers’ investment?

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One comment on “Rays stadium wars, day five: St. Pete fires back

  1. The bottom line is the NY millionarie wants to make much more money and he is not willing to get it the slow way.

    Only two years ago, the Rays were trying to con the city into putting a new stadium in downtown St. Petersburg which they now say is no longer acceptable.

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